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The Halifax Scholars Program is comprised of a suite of services and activities. Students accepted into the Halifax Scholars Program will be provided with interactive services designed to promote engaged learning, academic / vocational success and promote their vision to become successful leaders in their communities.


“I’ll be the first of my siblings to go attend a post-secondary intuition. With this opportunity I’ll be better able to help my family and make a better future for myself.”

Former HSP Scholarship  Recipient – Denisho Martino Goree ( One year Scholarship  NSCC 2015-2016 school year)


“Going back to high school and attending a post-secondary intuition will give me the opportunity to start my career much sooner than I have ever anticipated. Not only will it help me reach my goals, but this gives me back a sense of purpose.”

– Jesse Mae Sutherland


“Continuing my education will be a benefit to not only my families’ financial problems, but will be a benefit to my life as a whole.”

– Kirby Christopher Williams


Continuing my education will impact mine and my family’s life positively because I will be able to get a successful career that I can support myself and my family.”

– Rachel Marie Graves