A dream is attainable

if the right resources are accessible


The current evolution of Metro Care and Share Society (MCSS) is centered on education, and using knowledge to help eradicate poverty, which is our main objective. Through the guidance of Mel Boutilier Executive Director, our team developed the Halifax Scholars Program.

Mission Statement

Cultivate in our youth the presence of hope, determination, and a realization of the importance of the education.

The Purpose

Through the Halifax Scholars Program our aim is to present opportunities for the at-risk youth in HRM by removing barriers they face.

The Goal

We want to aid the youth’s desire to further their education chance to make a positive impact on their future. The intent is to help level the playing-field for tomorrow’s leaders, regardless of the stigma usually associated with individuals who come from a low socio-economic background.

Our commitment is rooted

in educating and empowering youth

Metro Care & Share Society (MCSS) is a registered non-profit organization that has been active since 1984 as a fundraising organization for youth education, and community initiatives and partnerships.

Where do your contributions go?

Community Scholarships | Financial Support for At Risk Youth |
Supportive Resources | Education Programs

Financial Support

  • Application/tuition fees
  • HSP Scholarship
  • HSP Marjorie Lindsay Scholarship
  • HSP Clearwater Seafood Scholarship
  • Other education related fees


  • Tutoring
  • Quarterly workshops
  • Long-term/Strategic planning
  • Leadership skill development
  • Discovering Today to Command Tomorrow (DTCT) Leadership Program


  • One-on-one mentorship
  • Network of community leaders
  • Pairing with trained professional
  • Motivational Programming
  • Program Certification


  • An Intimate Affair
  • Fashion Night in Halifax
  • Sunday Fundraiser
  • What If $20 Challenge

Founder & Executive Director;

Mel Boutilier

For more than three decades, Mel Boutilier has been helping Halifax families in times of desperate need. His life’s work has been dedicated to making sure that deserving people with real and immediate needs are met with genuine support to get back on their feet.

Mel is known for his life-long philanthropy that brought food to thousands of tables across the Halifax region, but his real passion and commitment is rooted in educating and empowering youth.

Over the years, Mel and his equally compassionate wife, Thelma, did not raise any children of their own. Instead, they supported a number of promising youth to get them through secondary and post-secondary education.

Board, Committees

& Mentors

Board Members

Colin MacDonald, Co-founder & Chairman of ClearwaterSeafoods Inc. : Board Chair

Mel Boutilier C.M., O.N.S. Founder/Executive Director

Solitha Shortte BBA; MSVU   Vice-Executive Director

Jacqueline Foster, Policy & outreach Advisor with the Executive Council Office  NS Government : Communication Committee  Chair

Deborah Boudreau Retired Risk Manager RBC

Robert Wright Social Worker; Private Practice

Xinyuan Zhang BC SMU : Bookkeeper/Office Assistant : Treasurer

Claudia Currie Marine Technologist; BIO : Secretary



Education Committee

Robert Wright :Chair
Randy Headley :Co-Chair
Eunice Abaga
Erica Bergstrom
Gina Crane-Wilson

Senior Mentors

Randy Headley : Chair
David Wright
Lynn Ann Bradley                                                                                                                Gina  Crane – Wilson

Communication and Events Committee

Elizabeth Baillie : Chair
Solitha Shortte: Co-Chair
Stephanie Peters : Secretary
Xinyuan Zhang : Member
Thelma Boutilier : Member
Dorothy Lynch : Member
Angela McCarthy : Member
Carrie Butler : Member
Patrick Meslin : Member
Dalene Allen : Member